Preventative Medical Examination Mental Plus

Obvious physical complaints could actually be caused by mental or psychological factors. In cases where it is not possible to attribute a physical diagnosis to such complaints, a Preventative Medical Examination (PME) Mental Plus can prove useful in tracing psychological or mental causes. The PME Mental Plus comprises all the examination elements in the regular PME, supplemented by neuropsychological and neurological examinations obtained through tests, a physical examination and consultation with a neuropsychologist.

Elements of the examination are:

  • additional and in-depth questionnaires
  • a standard personality test conducted by a clinical psychologist

If there is an indication for it, an MRI brain scan, EEG or EMG might be deemed necessary. We will be pleased to advise you from within the framework of our specialised healthcare network, both inside and outside the Netherlands.

When necessary, a PME Mental Plus is often planned to follow a regular PME.