24/7 medical services

If you’d like to be advised about your health just before departure or after arriving at Schiphol Airport, you’re more than welcome to visit our first aid and family doctor centre above Departures Hall 2. There, you’ll find doctors and nurses who are specialised in travel and health. As such they are well qualified to give you excellent advice on whether you are “fit to fly” or whether you should take any additional measures before you travel.

All medical knowledge about travelling and health, in-house

No-one knows better than us the effects that travel can have on your health. Stress, different time zones, biorhythm disruption, jetlag, preventative measures against infectious diseases, air pollution and a host of other current health hazards: we’re here to relieve you of all these concerns.

We can also provide last-minute advice, vaccinations or prescription medication from our own first aid centre, travel clinic and pharmacy at the airport itself. Our first aid centre and pharmacy at Schiphol Centrum is open 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week.