Referral to high-quality healthcare

Referral in the Netherlands

Should a referral to a specialist be necessary, we are in an excellent position to provide this. We have a sizeable network of partners and specialists at our disposal, not only in the Netherlands but outside the country too.

Referral outside the Netherlands

It’s more than likely that you will have to travel regularly for your work. And while, as a frequent flyer, you will probably take the necessary measures to stay in good health while you are abroad, you could still get sick unexpectedly. In such cases it’s reassuring to know that you can always fall back on sound medical advice. After all, healthcare is not the same in every country. Perhaps you won’t be able to communicate with the local doctor, for example, or you might have reservations about the medication he has prescribed. And should you even be flying with a particular complaint? Things like these are exactly the kind of questions you can ask us.

Thanks to our collaboration with KLM Health Services, we can offer you worldwide coverage. The doctors, all specialists in travel and health, can give you sound and immediate advice, clearly, and in your own language, irrespective of your mode of travel or carrier. And should the need arise, you will be referred to a doctor in our medical network (AIR FRANCE – KLM) or to a local healthcare provider. High-quality medical support is thus always at hand.