Your sustainable employability is our priority

In many companies sustainable employability is a priority. Work is susceptible to all kinds of changes and developments and this demands a lot from employees, as well as from your management style and resilience. We focus completely on your sustainable employability.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the area of Preventative Medical Examinations (PME) among senior management, we have extensive knowledge and expertise in the advancement of good health. We have a specialist network, both in terms of cure and prevention. Based on the results of your PME, we can advise you on preventative programmes pertaining to your sustainable employability.

Our network fits seamlessly with the life-balance factors of Exercise, Smoking, Alcohol, Relaxation, Nutrition and Sleep.

These can be approached or addressed in different ways:

  1. To help you gain insight into and a get a grip on your personal objectives
  2. To make it possible to play an exemplary role (ambassador)

We’ll be pleased to discuss with you what fits best with your objectives.