Preventative Medical Examination (PME)

Our Preventative Medical Examination (PME) has been specifically designed for people who perform at top level. After undergoing this examination you will have a concrete picture of your overall health. You’ll also be given advice on how to stay healthy or recommendations as to how you can improve your health. The examination takes approximately three hours.

What can you expect?

Prior to your visit

Once you have made an appointment you’ll be sent a digital questionnaire. To help us make the necessary preparations we’d like to get your answers to the questionnaire before your appointment. The questionnaire will take approximately 20 minutes to fill in. Furthermore, it’s important that:

  • you arrive for your appointment on an empty stomach (without having eaten or drank anything for at least four hours)
  • you bring sports attire with you

During your visit

On arrival at our examination centre you will be taken to your own room. In this special area, where the medical examination is carried out, you will enjoy privacy and discretion to work or relax. There is no central waiting room and all elements of the medical examination are carried out consecutively, meaning there will barely be any waiting time between them. Naturally, everything you need will be placed at your disposal. A dressing gown and a towel will be waiting for you, catering is available and suitable reading material is also provided.

The examination elements:

  • physical examination by an internist
  • biometry (height, weight, blood pressure and pulse rate)
  • urine test
  • extensive blood test
  • eyesight test using an orthorator
  • audiogram (hearing test)
  • lung-function test
  • ECG at rest
  • exertion ECG
  • ultrasonic heart examination
  • ultrasonic examination of the upper- and lower-abdominal organs
  • intraocular pressure test
  • concluding consultation with the internist

After your visit


Within two weeks of the examination you will be sent, in a secure environment, a digital report of the examination results, conclusions and recommendations.


The PME is a complete programme, meaning it does not end immediately after the examination takes place. In line with your personal results and objectives, follow-up agreements will be made. Furthermore, if you have any questions about your health you can call us 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. We are at your service, irrespective of whether you are inside or outside the Netherlands’ borders.