Preventative Medical Examination for Women

As a busy professional with a demanding career, you know that scheduling medical examinations can be a challenge. Executive Health Management (EHM) provides you with the opportunity to create a full health profile within just a few hours based on the Preventive Medical Examination. The Preventive Medical Examination can be extended to include examinations geared to women, including a cervical smear test (pap smear). These tests and examinations will be discussed with you in advance and performed if necessary and in compliance with the applicable regulations. These snapshots of your overall health are all part of our holistic and patient-centric approach.

Additional Tests and Examinations for Women

In addition to the tests conducted as part of the Preventive Medical Examination [link to PME], EHM also performs the following tests for women on request:

  • Vaginal ultrasound to assess the condition of the womb and ovaries
  • Bacterial vaginosis and infection test
  • Smear test and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) test
  • Breast ultrasound

Menopause Issues

EHM also offers treatment solutions for women experiencing menopause. We can either give you a referral or schedule an appointment for you with our gynecologist and/or a lifestyle coach, who will assist you and give you valuable advice.

In short, Preventive Medical Examination for Women

Our Preventive Medical Examination for Women provides you with a full picture of your physical and mental health in just four hours, including personal advice and options for aftercare (if appropriate). You will be referred to a specialist if this is necessary or on your request. This care may be either curative or preventive in nature and provided either in the Netherlands or abroad.