What Can Executive Health Management Do for You?

“Healthcare tailored to executives, with an individual program to keep you fit and healthy”

EHM offers periodic comprehensive medical examinations and high-quality additional care. EHM’s range of care services, tests and examinations is geared to senior professionals working in high-pressure environments, taking into account any risk factors linked to your age or sex. For EHM, protecting your privacy is a number-one priority.

What services does EHM provide?

Mindful that your time is valuable, EHM will give you a comprehensive picture of your health in just a few hours. EHM embraces an integral approach and examines physical, mental and social aspects of your health. The first step in the process is the Preventive Medical Examination (PME), which provides you with information on your physical and mental health. Based on the results of the PME, you will receive pointers for maintaining good physical health. You will also be referred to the best specialists in the Netherlands and internationally if necessary, including both curative and preventive care. EHM can also create a personal program for you – with your input – to help you remain in peak health.

Private Room

EHM guarantees absolute discretion. The doctors and specialists [link naar disciplines]
will see you in the comfort of a private room, where you will have access to appropriate reading materials and catering services. The facility does not have a central waiting room, and examinations are always scheduled closely together, so you won’t lose any time waiting for your next appointment.

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Preventive Medical Examination

Your Preventive Medical Examination will give you a comprehensive picture of your health, including personal advice. Read more about the Preventive Medical Examination

Preventive Medical Examination for Women

Advanced version of the Preventive Medical Examination, especially for women. Read more about the PME Women

Preventive Medical Examination for Men

Advanced version of the Preventive Medical Examination, especially for men. Read more about the PME Men

Support for Your Team

Are you interested in an integral health policy for your entire team? Read more about EHM’s parent company KLM Health Services.

Discretion and Certification

EHM goes to great lengths to protect your privacy. You will not find any company names listed anywhere in our communication, and EHM complies with all laws and regulations for personal data protection.